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David Beckham held a meet and greet for fans at the book signing his new self titled book at Waterstone’s, Piccadilly in London, England. The 38-year old retired soccer star wore a navy sweater, light grey washed jeans, and dark brown suede Saint Laurent Chelsea boots ($926).

Jay Z‘s Magna Carter World Tour stopped in Houston last night. And after the show Jay-Z hosted a party at the Gatsby nightclub wearing a Spring/Summer 2013 Billionaire Boys Club Bee Line “Lombardi” jacket ($325).

Fabolous shared a photo of himself in deep thought with the caption “I don’t really care what you think, cuz I don’t think you really care…#YoungOG#SoulTape3“. Fab is wearing a Just Don mixed exotics Brooklyn hat ($875), forest green Balmain zip shoulder sweatshirt ($560), Balenciaga bracelet ($215), Balmain denim jeans, and Air Jordan 14 retro sneakers

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